Membership Features


Post Free ads in classifieds, forums and directories.

Enter Simple data by copying and pasting in to the
      required fields.

Basic Internet Knowledge is enough.

Work from home at your own spare time.


Private Website address / Member link will be provided.

Earn Rs.3 to 5 Per Data entry Ad Posted.

Earn Rs.10 to 20 Per Visitor referred from your posted ads.

Earn Rs.100/- to 300 Per Sale happened through your
      posted ads.

Check your A/C balance and Stats in the Member's area

Analyze your balance, Payment history and Reports.

Regularly Updated Advertising tools in Member's Area

<!--<p> 250 Advertising credits to advertise on an Ad Network.


600 Cash back Credits to bid and win Products you like.

<!--<p> Earn Rs.20/- or $0.4 Per Registration from your down-line
      up to 6 Levels.

6 Tier Earnings.

Multiple Types of Income.--!>

Rs.2000/- Minimum Payout

Get Paid Weekly

Payout by Bank Transfer, Check, Money Order and PayPal

100% Payment Guaranteed

Update your Profile and Payment Options at anytime

Huge collection of Money Making ebooks and softwares
      with Resell Rights!!

Earn Cash / Reward by participating in surveys.

Periodic updates of softwares and ebooks for Lifetime.

Video Tutorials available for all Registered members

<!--<p> All International Members can Join.


Unlimited Earning Potential

<!--<p> Live Chat Support.


24x7 Email Support.

<!--<center>Multiple Types of Income
1. Referral Earnings:
You will Earn Rs.100/- for every user that you Refer to our website. If you own a domain, free website or blog you can refer members via Text ads, Banners, Text links, Hover ads etc., We will provide you those tools in the member's area.

2. Down-line Earnings:
For every visitor who signup through your member link / website will earn you 0.10 INR, You will be paid Rs.20/- or $0.4 for every Indirect Registration that is generated from your referrals up to 6 Levels. You can create unlimited down-line and there is no limitation for your earnings. Even if You don't work, your down-line can earn for you.

3. 600 Auction Credits:
You will get 600 Credits on auction site where you can bid and win Valuable Products. Those credits can also be used as a discount to purchase products you wish.

4. Ebook Earnings:
There is a huge collection of Softwares and Money Making ebooks which could be useful for you to earn money in your part time. All the ebooks and softwares come with resell rights you can download it from our Member's area. You could give it away, resell it, bundle it or create new information packages. You are free to sell that product for any price and are royalty free so you keep all the 100% profit yourself.

Surveys are list of questions regarding a product/service that demands your opinion. Survey Companies conduct surveys on behalf of Corporate companies, they pay users for giving their opinion. We will provide you the list of survey sites. It is absolutely Free to register in those sites. You will get survey invitation by email. Based on your interest and profile you will be receiving surveys. You will be receiving cash / reward for completing a survey successfully. Companies pay users from $1 to $50 per survey
for a sample survey.