Frequently Asked Questions


 What is the nature of the Program?
This is an online earning program introduced by Clicxa Solutions Inc. for part time earners, students, house wives and retired persons to earn money from Internet at their spare time.

 How this works?
In this program you have to post free ads in classifieds, forums and directories, we will provide a Member URL / website and Private Member area. You will be paid for each and every ad posted, no. of visitors referred through your ads and sales happen through your ads. You can post as many ads you want.

 Do i need a website to join this program?
No. You don't need to own a website to join this program.

 Is this a guaranteed work?
Yes of course, we will accept all interested users.

 Do i need any skills or experience to post ads?
Absolutely not. Your Basic Computer Knowledge such as browsing and typing is enough for you to post ads

 Do you provide any work tutorials?
Yes We provide Video tutorial about the work to all the Registered members

<!--<img src="">  I am an International can i join?
Yes We accept all International Members

--!>  How do i get the list of classified websites, advertising tools?
After registration you can log in to the Member area and get the list of websites to place your ads, admatters and tools to increase your earnings

 How do you get to know about the ads posted by me?
After posting your ad successfully, you will get a confirmation link. You have to copy and paste those confirmation links in an excel file. Those excel reports have to be sent to us once a week or month. We will send you a sample excel report file after registration.

 How do you track the visitors and sales generated from my ads?
Your ads will contain a unique referral link, so whenever an event happen through your link our advanced system will track your visitors or sales and credit you automatically.

 How do i receive my payments?
All Indian members are paid by Bank Transfer, Check, Money Order and PayPal. <!--International Members are paid by PayPal--!>

 Will be i be paid for every ad that i post?
Yes you will be paid for each and every valid ad that is posted.

 How much will get paid for an ad Posted?
You can earn from Rs.3 to 5 for an ad Posted.

 What are the Other methods to earn?
Apart from your ad posting earnings, you will also earn Rs.10 to 20 for each and every visitors come from your ads and Rs.100 to Rs.300 for every sale that happen through your link. Posting Ads is your only job the rest will happen through our tracking system.

 Is there any ad posting Limitation?
You can post a maximum of 9000 Ads per month.

 What if i post ads more than the above ad limitations?
No issue, you can post any number of ads but you won't get paid for the ads exceeding the limit however it can gain you earn more and more visitors and sales, it will still profit you as there is no limit for no. of sales and visitors.

 Is there any earning Limit?
As far as ad posting earnings are concerned there is a limit for your earnings. You can earn up to Rs.27,000 per month.

However there is no limit for the number of visitors come from your ads and number of sales happen through your ads. <!--So overall, there is no earning limit, you can earn as much as you can.--!>

 How can i get more information about the earning Plans?
to know more about Earning Plans

 Do i need to generate a sale or visitor to get paid?
No, Even if your ads doesn't make a sale or generate a visitor, you will still be paid for the ads posted.

 Other than Ad posting is there any other method to gain more visitors and sales.
Yes there are advertising banners available in the member area, you can copy and paste them in your site or you can send them to your friends through email or through social media sites.

 Can i change my Payment Mode in future?
Yes. You can change your Payment mode at anytime in the Member's area to withdraw your earnings. 

<!--<img src="">  Is there any Down-line Earnings?
Yes, You will be paid Rs.20/- or $0.4 for every Registration that is generated from your referrals up to 6 Levels. There is no limitation you can create unlimited down-line.

--!>  When can i receive my payments?
As soon as your Account reaches Rs.2000/- you will be paid.

 Do you charge any fees?
Yes, only in order to cover our Advertising expenses, account maintenance, Office & Software maintenance, COD charges, server, hosting and other expenses, we charge you only Rs.400/-.

But also note that we return you back the amount as 600 Credits in an auction site. So it is almost Free to Join and enjoy all these benefits.

 Do i get the amount back that i pay for one time membership?
Yes Of Course, we Provide Cash back i.e You will get back the amount Rs.400/- after Registration. To claim your cash back offer, Kindly send an email to with subject "300 CASH BACK CREDITS", We will send you a Cash back coupon worth 300 Credits in our auction site, you can use that amount to bid on Products like Cars, Bikes, Mobiles, Gold Coins, LCD TV, Laptops...etc and win them. You can also use the credits as a discount to purchase any product at the site. 

<!--<img src="">  What are the other Free Stuffs that i will get for my Membership?
We will Provide you 250 Advertising credits in the form of Coupon Code, you can redeem it on an advertising site. You can use those Credits for advertising.

--!>  Is there any additional benefit with this program?
Yes, There is a huge collection of useful softwares and ebooks with Resale rights, which are updated Regularly you can download it from the Member's area.

 What is Resale Rights products?
You are free to sell that product for any price and are royalty free so you keep all the money yourself. These products come with pre written sales pages, product images and even thank you pages. They usually have a suggested retail price is listed. Sometimes they may have required minimum retail prices or certain things you aren't allowed to do such as bundling them or giving them away for free without permission. Most of the time you are allowed to give them to your customers and members if they paid for something such as another product or a membership fee.

 How long does it takes to start ?
It depends upon the mode of payment you pay us. As soon as your payment is confirmed your Membership Details will be sent to you within 6 to 8 hours.

 How to start?
Click here to Register for our Program.